About the Good Life

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The GoodLife Youth Journal was founded in response to an urgent need. In harsh economic times this youth generation is faced with unprecedented challenges. The Journal allows 10- to 20-year-olds to learn responsibility, earn money and receive recognition for their unique abilities in art, music and the written word. Young people with potential can oftentimes turn to negative pursuits, alcohol or drugs out of boredom, frustration or a feeling of worthlessness. The GoodLife Youth Journal provides kids purpose, experience and a better way to fulfill their lives and influence others in a positive way.

Why You Should Support Us

The GoodLife Youth Journal offers individuals, businesses and not-for-profits a platform to increase their visibility to a targeted audience invested in their towns and villages. This demographic is engaged with the community in the truest sense, because our children are its most precious resource. The GoodLife Youth Journal offers the most positive forum available to address their needs.

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